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PragatiVTS Advantages

Benefits and Advantages

The benefits of the Pragati VTS System can save you thousands per vehicle annually and help you achieve rapid R.O.I.(Return on investment)

  • Reduced Fuel Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better Customer Service
  • Accurate Billing
  • Improved Job Validation
  • Lower Insurance Costs
  • Increased Profitability
  • Reduced Labour Expenses
  • Real-time Fleet Management
  • Reduced Idle Time
  • Route Optimisation

The system can be used for several other purposes depending on the type of industry you are operating in. Some of these benefits and advantages to the end-user/company or organization include:

  • Planning the trip route, following its implementation, and receiving a real time indication for work plan violations
  • Picking up and distribution, based on computerized planning which includes parameters of time and location
  • Producing a report that replays the vehicle movements and its sensors state over a map
  • Producing work plan violations reports, and receiving them to your mailbox on a periodic basis
  • Producing speed violation reports or delayed arrivals to the pick-ups/distribution stations
  • Driver identification at any time
  • Tracking the vehicle's mileage, and receiving reports when maintenance is needed according to the manufacture's orders
  • Assigning the available vehicle for the tasks based on the location and information on the closest vehicle to the pick-up location, directly to a display in the vehicle
  • Receiving up-to-date information on the vehicle's location, with a wide base of settings and parameters.


The power of being able to control the dispersed vehicles while sitting in the comfort of your office

The added flexibility of knowing whereabouts of the vehicles have been where they will be next.

Ability to optimize the resources routing and incorporate real time operational needs while fleet is on the move

Now stop worrying on what is going to happen? why is there a delay? when would the consignment reach? Because Pragati VTS Tracking System offers you all this and much more beyond your expectation.

An anytime-anywhere, internet enabled PVTS service helps Fleet Managers to quickly deploy the solution with minimal upfront investment. Just buy the vehicle units, insert a GPRS enabled SIM card, and start tracking your fleet anywhere across the globe on your system connected to the Internet. or send an SMS to get details of vehicles.

Fleet Managers start experiencing the need for automation when the fleet increases beyond a certain size. While this varies from one industry to another, a thumb rule puts this threshold number of vehicles in a fleet at 25. Yet there are many industries where automation is an essential requirement from day one, even for a small fleet of few vehicles. E.g. the need for automatic vehicle location, tracking and management comes up when the cost of 'control center' resources exceeds the productivity benefits of automation and a manual system just cannot meet the end user requirements.

Vehicle Tracking is Pragati VTS mobile database solution, is a cutting edge integration of the latest wireless technologies with computer, internet and digital maps for providing Automatic Vehicle Location and Tracking Solutions for a host of industries. It is a real time tracking system designed to receive, store, transmit and track location status of your mobile assets in the field.

Pragati Vehicle Tracking System, acts as a powerful device for helping you get the most from your mobile resources. It acts as the eye in the sky for fleet operators across industry verticals. Some typical circumstances which have driven fleet operators to use PVTS is to operate and manage their mobile assets in effective and profitable manner. Dispatching the nearest free vehicle to the location of accident/crime/emergency within a few seconds of the request and also Identify vehicles which are not performing their assigned function or stop at an unauthorized location or operate beyond an agreed duration. Over speeding / route deviations from the prescribed route, stoppage, harsh breaking etc.

Our Pragati Vehicle Tracking system solution provides companies end-to-end Vehicle Tracking and monitoring application bundled with effective user-friendly features for diverse industries. The usage of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology integrated with the GSM communication networks in our system help you to manage multiple vehicles and consignments across multiple locations in real-time, with accuracy and reliability.

Steering your business in a new direction using Pragati Vehicle Tracking System

For many companies, ensuring that their fleet and assets operate as efficiently and effectively as possible is the key to growth and winning new business. PVTS provides the tools to help your company achieve the maximum benefit from your mobile assets, allowing your business to improve productivity and increase profitability.

Pragati VTS- Track and Track History

PVTS- Track provides a real-time view of your key fleet information, as well as rapid access to the relevant activity for the current day. This data includes the current location and speed, as well as the status of any additionally monitored items such as the engine rev's, driver status, door status (open/closed), temperature, fuel level, etc.

In addition to the status information described above, PVTS-Track also provides a highly detailed view of all the current day's movement, including distances driven, start/stop locations and detailed activity logs and charts, all combining to present you with a one-stop summary of your entire fleet through a single screen.

PVTS- Track History gives you the opportunity to look back at any past activity for any of your vehicles or assets. This includes distances driven, start/stop locations and times, detailed activity logs and charts, as well as the status of any monitored items such as the ignition, speed, engine rev's, door status (open/closed), temperature, etc.

PVTS- Track and Track History

Issues Faced by Businesses PVTS Tracking Solution Customer Benefits
Time-consuming calculations of driver hours Ability to generate driver-related reports, detailing hours worked and distances covered Tighter control over driver hours and reduced administration
Inaccurate calculation and allocation of trip-related expenses (driver hours, fuel costs, etc.) Ability to generate detailed activity reports, detailing all incurred costs and driver-related expenses Fast, accurate allocation of trip-related costs to customers
Outdated reporting systems resulting in a lack of visibility and accountability Ability to generate over 30 different report in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel) Increased resource utilization and higher visibility and accountability over fleet activity
Lack of security with regards to access to fleet information Ability to limit system users to access only the vehicles and reports they are authorized to view Increased security and greater control over staff

Benefits Customers using PVTS-Report reduce overtime by 5 - 8 hours per driver per month as a result of accurate time and cost reporting.

PragatiVTS- Alerts

PVTS-Alert provides you with 24/7 monitoring over your fleet and assets, ensuring that you are notified each and every time a vehicle or asset performs a significant event (such as speeding, arriving at a customer location, moving out of work hours, etc.).

With functionality such as email and SMS notifications, PVTS-Alert ensures that you are always up-to-date with all the critical information required to effectively manage and control your fleet and assets.


Issues Faced by Businesses PVTS Tracking Solution Customer Benefits
Excessive costs as a result of speeding and poor driving style 24/7 monitoring of your vehicles and drivers with immediate notification of any driving transgressions Reduced costs as a result of improved driving styles
Increased productivity and reduced costs due to swift resolution of issues Ability to provide notification if vehicles or assets are used /moved outside of working hours Reduction in private mileage and increase security
Reduced productivity and increased overtime as a result of unauthorized stopping and rest periods Ability to monitor vehicle and asset status at all times, providing notification for any unauthorized changes Reduced spending on driver overtime and increased productivity and service levels
Slow reaction times to driving transgressions and critical events Ability to utilize email and SMS to ensure notifications are received as soon as possible Increased productivity and reduced costs due to swift resolution of issues


Customers using PVTS-Alert reduce their mileage-related expenses (fuel + wear-and-tear) result in the reduction of private mileage and improved driving style.

PragatiVTS - Fuel

As the fuel price continues to rise, so fuel is becoming an increasingly significant cost for every fleet. PVTS-Fuel provides you with detailed reports and graphs to highlight fuel usage and potential waste, as well real-time alerts for any potential issues such as theft, etc.

With PVTS-Fuel, you can take control of your fuel costs and keep carbon emissions to a minimum.

Issues Faced by Businesses PVTS Tracking Solution Customer Benefits
Excessive costs due to fuel theft and false fuel expense claims 24/7 monitoring for abnormalities such as a rapid fuel decreases as well as the ability to verify fuel charges against fuel expenses Reduced expenses through elimination of false fuel claims and fuel theft
Excessive fuel usage as a result of poor driving style and lack of vehicle servicing Reports that highlight instances of poor driving, as well as alerts to warn of upcoming service dates Reduced expenses as a result of improved driving styles and improved service planning
Inability to accurately monitor and allocate fuel usage to jobs and customers Ability to track the fuel level of a vehicle throughout any journey it has travelled, as well as allocate fuel expenses to jobs and/or customers Increased visibility of fuel levels and fuel usage in a single vehicle, as well as across a fleet


Customers using PVTS-Fuel achieve a fuel reduction 15 - 20 litres per vehicle per day as a result of improved driving styles and improved vehicle service schedules.

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