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Miscellaneous GPS Tracking Information

PragatiVTS Product and its online store assume no liability associated with usage of any products purchased. If product(s) or service(s) are ordered and are found to be out of stock for any reason, a refund or credit will be issued if funds were acquired.

Prices can be subject to change.

The purchaser signifies agreement to all Terms of Sale and conditions when completing and submitting an order.

The purchaser holds complete liability and responsibility for any damages, losses, or any type of expenses associated from the misuse or use of any PragatiVTS products.

If a dispute is filed for any transaction, the card holder or purchaser who submitted the order will be held liable for, but not be restricted or limited to any and all associated fees, and civil, legal, and administrative costs required to resolve the dispute. Collections will be sought by alternative means, if an order placed via credit card is disputed then overturned by the issuing creditor. Any and all such additional costs will be added to the settlement amount and will be the responsibility of the individual who submitted the order (purchaser), or the cardholder to pay. Any form of legal action may result in a judgment that may negatively effect the cardholder's credit score and/or rating.

PragatiVTS Product (, or any associated partners, will not be liable for any type fees or costs associated with a disputed transaction.

A GPS tracking representative will always be available to answer any consumer questions 7 days a week at 040 42012454. Tracking system product or company policy questions can also be sent to All questions emailed will be read and answered within 24 hours.

That is the PragatiVTS customer service promise.

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