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Vehicle Tracking System

Our Pragati Vehicle Tracking system solution provides companies end-to-end Vehicle Tracking and monitoring application bundled with effective user-friendly features for diverse industries. The usage of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology integrated with the GSM communication networks in our system help you to manage multiple vehicles and consignments across multiple locations in real-time, with accuracy and reliability. PVTS gives you near real time tracking of your fleet. Our solution allows you to monitor your vehicles at all times. It helps in increasing the productivity of your fleet to provide better customer service. Our solution is recognized as an essential part of every modern transportation fleet adopted by leading multinationals and local companies. Our online vehicle tracking system is a full featured scalable, remotely upgradeable solution for haulers, logistics & supply chain management. The solution allows the fleet owner to track.


  • Real time vehicle location on digital map
  • Ignition ON/OFF status
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Total distance covered by the vehicle
  • Geofence- in/out, time spent within the zone
  • Two way communication
  • Alert configuration
  • Geofence/overspeed/stoppage/route violation etc
  • Route creation and planning
  • Fuel information
  • Fleet management Fleet management- Alerts and reports
  • MIS reports: Track/Trip/speed violation/stoppage/vehicle status/specific time zone/consignment/driver performance

Our Pragati VTS System Benefits

  • Improved response time
  • Enhanced service and driver accountability
  • Reduction in idle time
  • Increased trips and cost savings
  • Maximize vehicle efficiency
  • Improved routing, service operations and reporting
  • Track remote vehicles via GPS
  • Real time data via GSM/ GPRS or Communication satellite
  • Route and Trip Planning
  • View assets in real-time on digital maps
  • SMS based query
  • Measure Total distance covered and time taken during a trip
  • Measure and record the speed of vehicles and report instances of over-speeding
  • Measure and record instances of harsh braking and harsh acceleration
  • Get tamper alerts when device is being opened or disconnected
  • Internal backup battery to provide interrupted tracking and reporting
  • Drivers keeping to their schedules - Better service level, faster & shorter traveling times
  • Lower operational cost and overheads by cutting down on fuel costs, maintenance costs etc
  • Get real time data on fuel level and amount
  • Get automated reports on fuel consumption rate
  • Get automated alerts Other important operational and statistical reports
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